About Me

At first writing an “about me” page seemed really daunting and to be honest I had no idea where to even begin. Why I started Healthy Twenties is probably one the hardest and most personal things I will ever publish on social media, but I want to share with you how I got to where I am today.

Throughout my teens I struggled with periods of disordered eating and it wasn’t until the age of 18 where I finally accepted that I could not continue abusing my body in this way. With the incredible support of my family and friends I was able to admit that I had a problem and seek treatment. This decision to recover ultimately sparked my passion to nourish my body with real, healthy foods. Consequently, Healthy Twenties was born. What I never imagined is how my little Instagram page would grow and how I would stumble upon an amazing community of people that I could share my passion with.

Now, health and wellbeing lies at the centre of everything I do. My work, my interests, and my motivations are all powered by my passion to lead a healthy life. Ultimately, this blog is a space for me to share this passion with anyone who is willing to listen and hopefully inspire others to take their health seriously.

If you would like to get in contact please e-mail info@healthytwenties.co.uk or click here.